2021 Fellows of IETI

On December 21, 2020, 42 scholars were elected as IETI Fellows. Now we have 6 Nobel Prize Laureates, 2 Turing Award Laureates, 1 Fields Medal Laureate, 2 Wolf Prize Laureates.

In 2021, the latest list of Fellows of IETI were nominated and voted by the previous members. These scholars have had a great international influence, ranking in no particular order. Experts are from 22 countries, including UK, Canada, the United States, Mauritius, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Singapore, Australia, Cyprus, Romania, Ghana, South Africa, Greece, China, Pakistan, Georgia, Qatar, New Zealand, Malaysia and Turkey, covering five continents, including one Nobel Prize Laureate, one Wolf Prize Laureate, one MacArthur Fellowship Laureate, 2 Presidents, a total of 42 scholars.

IETI would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and hope that these scholars will continue to support the development of IETI in the future.

Here’s the list:

I. Laureate Distinguished Fellow (LDFIETI)

Sir Richard J. Roberts (Nobel Prize Laureate)

Gilles Brassard (Wolf Prize Laureate)

Peidong Yang (MacArthur Fellowship Laureate)



II. Honorary Distinguished Fellow (HDFIETI)

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

The 6th President of Mauritius (1st Female President)

Mehriban Aliyeva

The 1st Vice President of Azerbaijan


III. Distinguished Fellow (DFIETI)

Peter Stoica

Marco Amabili

Martin Schadt

Swaminathan Sivaram

Jochen Wirtz

Robert Faff

Aoife Foley

Leondios Kostrikis

David Nabarro

Sajjad Karim

Radu Rey

Jinde Cao

Felix Dapare Dakora

Angela Gerekou

Ramona Manescu

Arogyaswami Paulraj

Barney Glover

IV. Fellow (FIETI)

Costas Stasopoulos

Saniye Gülser Corat

Afzal Haque

Mamuka Matsaberidze

Gautam Srivastava

Ovidiu Folcut

Daniele Giovannucci

Paul Thornalley

Danielle Riverin-Simard

Ehsanullah Kakar

Vagif Ibrahimov

T. A. Aliev

Asaf Hajiyev

Ali Abbasov

John Butcher

Mehriban Imanova


Fragkopoulou Marianthi

George Boustras

Kelvin Joseph Bwalya

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