Tourism is the Force for Good !

It promotes resilience and peace.

Tourism is a globally important industry playing an essential economic role in almost every nation in the world.

It creates jobs and country development.
The industry encourages intercultural cooperation and employment of people from all walks of life and nationalities.

It also is a force for championing – and actioning – sustainability to protect our planet and preserve our limited resources.

Sustainability is here to stay!
I personally put sustainability in the heart of tourism industry.
I invite you all to this coalition to take actions and not only to be a voice.

Being a Force for Good is all about the most important values: respect and equal opportunities for individuals, communities, nations, today and in the future.

I invite you all to this coalition .Lets take the Greek tourism beyond the future.

Angela Gerekou

As the president of Greek National Tourism Organization , I thank you for your support.
It is now more than ever a great responsibility for all of us for a quick and sustainable recovery

Angela Gerekou


The involvement of local communities and other bodies in the reception processes is important to ensure results for the benefit of both the cultural heritage and the local population.
The goal of #sustainable cultural tourism is to ensure good conservation practices combined with an #authentic interpretation that supports the local economy.
#respect cultural heritage

Global Women Leaders Committee, Executive Council.

Ambassador Of Tourism for ICC Hellas