Blossom Routes

Blossom Routes

Angela Gerekou, president of the Lefkadios Hearn Foundation


Blossom Routes
Of Lefkadios Hearn

Lefkadios Hearn, the Greek cosmopolitan intellectual, has in recent years been gathering more and more interest all over the world, except perhaps in our country.
Born in Lefkada, with a Greek mother and an Irish father, he traveled to Europe, America to finally choose Japan as his homeland. A cosmopolitan man with an open mind, he is considered Japan’s ambassador to the West and interpreted Japan to Westerners.

At the same time he interpreted the West to the Japanese and made them love Greece. Complete lectures of his to his students are preserved, where he talks about the culture of his Greece and his beloved mother Rosa.

In his work he also makes references to the famous phenomenon of the Cherry Blossoms of Japan. The cherry blossoms in Japan mark the beginning of spring. The weather service informs citizens of the movement of the “bloom front” and the newspapers announce the progress from the first bud to the full flowering of the trees.
There are many places across the country famous for blooming trees of amazing beauty, which become a magnet for travelers from all over the world. They flock to every region of Japan to witness the phenomenon.



2019 – nearly 8.5 million tourists visited Japan during the cherry blossom season, between March and May, bringing the country about $6 billion. In Greece, respectively, in recent years, honorable efforts have been made by small local associations of professionals dealing with tourism, agricultural production or by some OTAs to highlight similar natural phenomena and attract visitors and collaborations for their place.
– Blossoming peach trees of Veria – Cherry blossoms in Edessa
-Carpet of wild tulips in Chios
-Yellow Suns of Evros


According to Japanese standards, and in collaboration with the Agricultural School of Athens, sensors will be used, where the progress of flowering per area will be recorded in real time.


-Promotion of a new model of sustainable tourism, through the promotion of alternative tourism actions, rural tourism, agro-tourism.
-Strengthening less prominent areas, as well as strengthening local societies and economies.
-Connection of the Hospitality Economy with primary production and local products.
-Further strengthening and mainly renewal of the country as a cultural destination, through the connection with a global-Greek cultural capital, Lefkadio Hearn.



Angela Gerekou

President of the Lefkadios Hearn Foundation