May 6, 2020
The need for a new narrative in tourism is an urgent need!


Angela Gerekou President Greek National Tourism Organisation



Interdependence is the main feature of our economy, especially when it comes to a small country like Greece. A weak economy, in need of development in an international economic and geopolitical environment, where uncertainty, turbulence along with fierce competition, are the main ingredients.

Recovery, a much-speculated subject, will eventually commence in the world of tourism. One cannot determine or compare with previous crisis scenarios as this pandemic has found us in the dark, unable to apply a template for strategies and restructures. I recently read a study by Ipsos Opinion, that only 4% of consumers believe that brands need to stop advertising, but they emphasize that the approach, content, and platforms, need to change.

In the same study, I note that the issue of “health and safety” (safety protocols) is now, even more so, the most important requirement of the travelling public. This applies to both business and leisure travel.

It is important to point out and congratulate the coordinated efforts of the Greek Government as well as, the public’s response.

Early action was pivotal in preventing the spread of the virus.



Till today, our country has shown a sense of responsibility and seriousness in the European and international circles. This will be rewarded in the near future, as long as it continues to move at the same pace with the public’s full cooperation.

The government’s priority continues to be on delaying, containing and, preparing the country to minimize serious illness and economic disruption. We must all do our part to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and I ask that you all follow the advice of the Government’s health officer. We need to be united and prepared, now more than ever, as we still have a long way to run and we are heading for uncharted waters.
We are also working in ways to support businesses and organizations affected the most by restrictions on travel and public gatherings.

I am speaking with my Cabinet colleagues daily and the Ministry of Tourism so we are all well informed of the impact on people and businesses in this sector.

It is also important to broaden and maintain the production business and the wider economy until the crisis has plateaued out. This should be the main concern of the state. The structure and scope of economic policy decisions at a European level is a crucial contributor to this.

During this important period, I also believe that we should work in developing, learning and, equip ourselves with as much “armor” as possible. It is going to be a case of new beginnings in a changing world.


Give me the beauty of the harmony of soul and body. Help me count the wise as rich… and give me the wealth that only the restrained man can endure and maintain. Prayer of Socrates



To begin with, we need to maintain communication. Discussing news and exchanging views with our audience is of the essence. Thankfully, with today’s technology, we can achieve this via different online platforms.

Technology alone of course is not a panacea. While adequate privacy and data security protections can be built into the technical architecture of an immunity certificate system, full protection of personal rights and civil liberties depends on the development of an appropriate trust framework. Accompanying legislation and, in some cases, executive orders will be necessary to guide implementation.

With careful technical design and appropriate legislation, such an approach could be effective in the short term as nations struggle to control the pandemic and in the longer term for ongoing disease control as work sites, schools, and public places begin to reopen.

It is a period not only for personal development and building strength (spiritually, mentally, physically) but also to enhance and strengthen collaborations and cultivate existing and new relationships. Everything moves in cycles so we must act wisely and reprogram, yes reprogram! Focus, strength, and calm thinking /are the tools to go forward during uncertain times.

We ought it to ourselves and to our children, to discover the hidden positives even during a pandemic. Adapt and better oneself as well as learn how to apply improvements in the professional world.

Finally, I want to take a moment to acknowledge that this is a stressful time for everyone. I encourage you all to take care of yourselves and your families, during the difficult days ahead.

I will close these thoughts with a prayer

Give me the beauty of the harmony of soul and body. Help me count the wise
as rich… and give me the wealth that only the restrained man can endure and maintain.

Prayer of Socrates

Angela Gerekou

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Angela Gerekou Mrs. Gerekou is the President of the Greek National Tourism Organization since August 2019. Mrs. Gerekou holds a degree from the School of Architecture of the University of Rome. She also has a significant career in acting. She studied in Derek Jakoby’s...

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